Welcome to Vantage Pools, where we build a different kind of pool!

We have broken the barrier from what’s become known as “traditional” in the pool
industry. Vantage Pools insulated forms (R-27) keep the water cooler in the summer
and warmer in the winter, thereby extending the swimming season for your family.

Vantage Pools engineered ICF walls are solid, crack & leak free, energy efficient and
structurally superior to the typical pneumatic placement of concrete. We also pour
radius pool walls in horizontal ICF allowing most any design shapes and sizes.

Vantage Pools specializes with poured in place, insulated vertical concrete forms
(ICF) ensuring straight walls with true 90 degree corners creating perfect geometric designs which make our pools the right structure for tile, creating endless design possibilities… Waterjet technology provides perfectly cut fittings along with Color Match. You’re no longer limited to either a pebble or plaster finish.

Vantage Pools is also different in that all your pool equipment is safely tucked away
in an underground enclosure providing improved hydraulics and transmits into
energy reduction, therefore saving you money. Enclosures also eliminate the
equipment noise, unsightliness and space savings of above ground equipment
packages and is much more desirable.

Whether you’re looking for a geometric design, custom coping or an infinity edge,
with a tiled interior, underground equipment and customized automated controls,
look no further than Vantage Pools!

We are also pleased to announce being the exclusive distributor/installer of Invisipools!

Invisipools has developed a unique, proprietary system that safely transforms a
hardscape patio into a multi-depth swimming pool. Just access the panel with a key,
enter your PIN and you now have the ability to open the pool to the depth required.

Vantage Pools was chosen as the perfect partner to compliment the Invisipools system.
Great emphasis was placed on the ability to ensure perfectly straight and plumb walls
each and every time.Invisipools is a safer alternative than typical pools. In the closed patio position, the Invisipool completely mitigates the water hazard allowing families to do what they do best........relax & enjoy!

- Pool only accessed with key and pass code
- Water hazard is completely mitigated by hard patio surface
- Sensor field acts as barrier during travel and protects against unattended open water
- Platform eliminates all suction hazards
- Affordable option vs. comparable systems
- Dual water depths, 12" & 54" accommodating different age groups and swimming abilities

Check out the Invisipools website today!

Vantage Pool in action

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