Energy Saving

Clean & Simple Design

Endless Design Capabilities


Benefits of Vantage Pools

-Poured in place ICF
- Energy saving R-27 insulated walls
- Leads to reduction in shrinkage cracks & leaking
- Geometric designs producing straight & plumb walls
- Easily integrates large format porcelain tile
- Endless tile design capabilities
- Fittings are perfectly cut with Waterjet technology
- Color Match pool fittings
- Infinity edge easily incorporated into our geometric designs
- Equipment located in underground enclosures
- Optional water barrier sensor field available
- Custom automation of filtration, lighting, water features, auto-fill
- Simple touchscreen HMI

More Benefits....Explained

One of the major benefits to a poured in place vs. pneumatically placed concrete
pool is that shocrete walls can vary in thickness from 4”-8” which can result in cracks producing leaks. Our ICF system produces a full 6” wall and floor each and every time, thereby greatly reducing any possibility of this ever occurring. The interior shell of the pool is double coated (3/8”) with a synthetic waterproofing product (8000psi), insuring greater leak proof assurances. One design benefit is the introduction of large format porcelain tile into the interior of your pool, unlike anything currently available on the market. Every pool can be like designing the master bathroom of a custom home. InkJet technology has truly
transformed porcelain tile providing realistic reproductions of surface materials such as wood, stone and brick, which can also include texture. The look and feel of underwater large format porcelain tile is unparalleled in the industry. Imagine being able to have your personal design choices integrated into the interior of your pool? No longer are you limited to a pebble or plaster finish. We also are different in that all our equipment is installed in underground enclosures, thereby eliminating the noise and eyesore associated with most
residential pool equipment. You can even utilize the space above! Included on all our pools is customizable automation accessed by a personalized touch screen HMI which can be wall mounted and accessed indoors. Initial setup can be easily modified with the touch of a button


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