What benefits are there to a Vantage Pool?

We specialize in ICF, poured in place pool walls. Poured in place concrete placement provides a structurally superior product over wet or dry pneumatically placed concrete. Our walls are poured to a consistent 6” and are crack & leak resistant when compared to a typical shotcrete pool.

What’s the price difference between pool systems?

We can only spread the differences between what standard pool builders offer and let you decide:

- ICF forms vs. pneumatically placed concrete

- Large format porcelain tile vs. Pebble or plaster finish

- Equipment located in underground enclosure

- Customized expandable controls vs. stock controls

What type of pools can you build?

We can build any size or shape with a combination of vertical (geometric) and horizontal (radius) ICF systems. Whether you want a disappearing edge, full 360 degree zero edge.

What is the warranty on a Vantage Pool?

Arizona ROC# 324389

5 year warranty on pool shell from leaks or cracks

2 year mfg. warranty on equipment